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Global Trading Management

Global Trading Management provides investment solutions for companies, family offices and individuals in the current environment of changing tax and legal frameworks.

Diversifying into metals is used by many investors as a hedge against both currency risk and uncertainty in the equity markets. We aim to add value to clients' portfolios by advising them on investment opportunities and by developing hedging strategies.

Global Trading Management's relationships spread across a wide geographical area. We use our own research and our strategies are based on fundamentally sound investments.

Global Trading trades worldwide in commodities. Our strategies are based on fundamental economic research and on technical analysis. We operate a team culture and offer clear processes.

We aim to add value to our clients' portfolios and for this we advise on various trading and investment strategies, such as hedging long positions with options and futures; leveraging positions; going short with futures; doing basis trades between different industrial metals.

Furthermore, we provide services such as commission trades and storage financing for industrial metals and non-standardized reporting services - reflecting the individual needs of our clients.'

To assist clients, we offer an online ordering process via our products and services page.

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